Alex ALEIXO (1952-2008) The Lady's Favorite,... - Lot 50 - Barbarossa maison de ventes

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Alex ALEIXO (1952-2008) The Lady's Favorite,... - Lot 50 - Barbarossa maison de ventes
Alex ALEIXO (1952-2008) The Lady's Favorite, 2004 Digital print signed and dated 2005 on verso 33.5 x 40.5 cm Bibliography: Hommes pour Hommes, Editions des Deux Terres, 2007, page 268 Pierre Borhan Collection Pierre Borhan's "masculine" collection Pierre Borhan's passion for photography began in the late 1970s. From then on, magazines, books, exhibitions and interviews with photographers and qualified specialists fueled his passion. His first book, Voyons Voir, was published by Créatis in 1980. The masculine naturally became one of her favorite themes. It allowed him to insinuate himself into his research and iconographic choices when preparing certain exhibitions and books, such as Jan Saudek (Paris Musées, 1987), Splendeurs et misères du corps (Benteli, 1988, Prix Nadar 1989), Raymond Voinquel: les acteurs du rêve (AFDPP, 1998), Toni Catany, l'artiste en son paradis (Lunwerg, 2000), Les vérités du sexe (Marval, 2003), Mario Testino: Sir (Taschen, 2015). In this vein, he is the author of a landmark book: Hommes pour Hommes / homoerotisme et homosexualité masculine dans l'histoire de la photographie depuis 1840 (éditions des Deux Terres, 2007). The Vendome Press published the American edition: Man to Man: A History of Gay Photography. Rizzoli published the Italian edition: Uomini per Uomini. Jonathan Cape Ltd produced the English edition: Men for Men. Christian Brandstätter Verlag, the German-language edition. Since 2007, these editions (23,000 copies) have set the standard for professionals and connoisseurs alike. Bought from galleries or directly from photographers for whom he wrote a text or made an emblematic selection of their creations, the prints offered in this sale are the "coups de coeur" of a collection created through meetings and institutional missions. Whether the models are athletes, models, flirtatious accomplices or outspoken friends, thanks to the artists who have brought them to light, they are available to everyone's imagination. Beauty, charm, sex appeal, admiration, attraction, fantasy. Among the "stars" of the sale are both outstanding Europeans (Walter Pfeiffer, Jan Saudek, Paul Blanca) and Americans: David Vance, Tom Bianchi, both authors of more than ten books; David Morgan, who found his happiness with Beach (2001) and aroused much desire; Jim French, master of unbridled male fine art, from Man (1972) to Opus Deorum (1992); Arthur Tress, whose retrospective was presented in California at the Getty Center in 2023. They are joined by an Egyptian, Youssef Nabil, who is represented by Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris and whose renown defies borders. Pierre Borhan confides: "My being is impregnated by the attraction (sensory, sexual, emotional) of men. I've always felt that this attraction was indelible in me. His collection bears witness to this.
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